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Feed Transport System
From storage silo to feed dispensers

Dry Feed Transport System from ACO FUNKI is a reliable, fully automated system that transport dry feed from storage silos to feed dispensers. The system can transport both flour and pellets.

The feed from silo is delivered to the reception unit. From the reception unit, the feed is transported to the feed line by means of a flexible auger. Feed movement along the feed line is ensured by a feed chain, for example, PowerLine, that is driven by a drive station with a high-speed motor.

ACO Funki was the first in the market to develop and use the PowerLine conveyor chain for dry feeding systems for more than 50 years ago. Since then, ACO Funki has taken a leading position in the market for the production of the conveyor chains. PowerLine is made of two types of hardened steel. The thickness of the steel links of the Power Line is 6.5 mm, and the steel is thickened at the plastic surfacing site, which eliminates the detachment of the plastic part of the link. Power Line quality is tested during production on a conveyor with a load of 1400 kg per link.

The operation principle
The feed is delivered from the storage silo with a flexible auger to the reception unit, then transported along the feed line by means of a conveyor chain, which is driven by the driving unit. From the feed line, the feed is delivered to the feed dispensers or feeders, and then goes to the troughs.

38 mm400 kg/hour
50 mm700 kg/hour
60 mm1.000 kg/hour
76 mm2.000 kg/hour
100 mm6.000 kg/hour
160 mm21.000 kg/hour

”COMPAC” DRIVE UNIT - for transportation of pellets and meal

The drive unit is equipped with a large aluminium drive wheel that ensures stable and steady operation with minimal wear and tear on the plastic discs. The drive unit is equipped with a slanting, self-emptying base, which means that the amount of animal feed accumulating in the machine is very limited. The cabinet is made of stainless steel in a compact design that enables optimum fitting to a wall or directly onto the floor. The accompanying sight glass ensures that the filling ratio of the feed in the system can be optimally regulated. Easy to maintain. Standard motor, few parts that wear off.

Reception unit - stainless or galvanized steel

Ø38 / 50 / 60 / 76 mm

The reception unit is the heart of the feeding system and is crucial to the dependability of the feeding system and the life span of the chain or wire. The reception unit controls how even and how much feed is dosed into the feed string. ACO FUNKI's feeding system is also available for filling with flex auger.