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Straw Distribution System
Optimize straw consumption with Funki MultiStraw

Funki MultiStraw is our innovative straw distribution system designed to optimize the distribution of straw in livestock housing, resulting in improved animal welfare and increased productivity. You can install the system on a pig or cattle farm.

One of the key benefits of our straw distribution system is that it saves time and labor. Our system automates the distribution of straw, eliminating the need for manual labor and allowing farmers to focus on other important tasks. This saves time and money, making our straw distribution system a cost-effective solution for livestock farmers.

In addition to saving time and labor, Funki MultiStraw also improves animal welfare. By ensuring a consistent supply of fresh straw, our system helps to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment for livestock. This can improve health and productivity, benefiting the farmer and the animals.

Our straw system is a complete solution that includes all the necessary components for an effective and efficient distribution system.

  • Capacity: 2-11 liters per dosage
  • Can handle up to 5 cm of straw material
  • Dosing several times a day
  • Always triggers with manual button
  • Number of feed dispensers – approx. 450-650

Advantages of automatic straw allocation system:

  • Automatic allocation of bedding several times a day
  • Improves the working environment
  • Regular straw distribution reduces the amount of straw used
  • Simultaneous dispensing reduces dust in the barn
  • Can handle cut large bales of straw directly
  • Stable, continuous allocation of straw to pigs strengthens digestion
  • Fewer cases of eye inflammation in pigs

Our customers say:

We have 2.600 sows on two properties, and we distribute straw several times a day. The sows are calmer and happier, there is less hierarchy fighting. We can see the difference when we do not use the straw distribution system."

We used to distribute the straw the old fashion way, with a wagon and a shovel. Now, we have a Funki straw system. It saves us about four work hours weekly, and now we don’t have any dust nuisance."

Would you like to know how the straw system can optimize your farm?