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Feeder for pigs from 6 to 120 kg

FUNKIMAT feeder is made of stainless materials to ensure durability. The FUNKIMAT feeder is designed in consideration of today's demands on housing environment, making the feeder easy to clean as well as waterproof for sprinkling.

The FUNKIMAT is available as Single and Double feeder, suitable for installation options in the pen partition. Placing the feeder independently in the pen also is an option, when adding two posts. Please note that pen equipment towards feeders must be ended with posts fixed to the floor.

The feed containers is designed to ensure optimum utilization of the volume and allows filling from low height. The container is waterproof for sprinkling and prepared for automatic filling from up to 3 feed circuits.

FunkiMat Single and Double:

  • Always fresh feed
  • Perfect for both meal and pellet feed
  • Easy to operate, even for the small piglets
  • Water and feed separated
  • Adjustable handle, visible troughout the whole stable
  • Durable and reliable
  • High level of hygiene and health
DescriptionFunkiMat SingleFunkiMat Double
Hopper capacity100 l2x100 l
Frame40 x 3, flat40 x 3, flat
TroughStainless steelStainless
Capacity per trough
Weaners 5-35 kg30-50 pigs50-80 pigs
Finishers 30-120 kg30-40 pigs40-70 pigs