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TUBE-O-MAT feeders
Reliable feed intake from day one

TUBE-O-MAT is the optimum feeder for weaners, finishers and wean-to-finish. The feeding principle considers the natural rooting behaviour, as the pigs have to activate the feeder to get feed. Consequently, the trough is cleaned and free of feed residues, which helps to keep a high level of hygiene.

TUBE-O-MAT hopper is shaped with almost vertical sides to prevent bridging. The trough had double drinking bowls allowing the pigs to choose water, dry feed or soaked feed. Transparent, easy to open lid, for simple manual filling and inspection,

  • Shielding is made of transparent plastic for better overview and easy hygiene control.
  • Dosing unit consists of a very few parts, which ensures a high level of hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Activating part in stainless grille construction can easily be activated by pigs, and they quickly learn how to operate it.
  • The large opening and the integrated agitator ensure a constant feed flow and prevent bridging.
  • The emergency closing system prevents feed waste.

TUBE-O-MAT CLASSIC is specially developed for finishers. It is supplied with an extra strengthened feed outlet, thus it can withstand the large pigs constant activation. The trough of the CLASSIC models is designed to prevent the feed from getting wet and clumpy and the feed from getting into the water bowls.

The activating part on VI+ models is made of stainless steel and is designed for both weaners and finishers. Simpe and very strong. Besides there is a transparent lid that can be opened for cleaning purposes.

The original TUBE-O-MAT TUBE model has always been characterized by its simplicity: a vertical transparent tube, facing down on a flat surface. The tube can move back and forth and thus the dosage can take place by adjusting the distance to the flat surface. Super simple.

Many of our customers are glad because of this simplicity, and when we talk about finishers or weaners above 15 kg, it is a very functional and competitive feeder. The vertical tube is perfect to ensure that there is no bridging.

Hopper volume83 l 160 l 16 l / 32 l
Capacity per trough
Weaners >30 kg30-50 pigs--
Wean-to-Finish 7-120 kg30-50 pigs50-70 pigs-
Finishers 18-120 kg30-50 pigs50-70 pigs30-50 pigs / 50-70 pigs
Water supply
3/8'' stainless steel pipe with external thread23 x 2 mm stainless steel tube with internal thread
Adjustable press nipple, stainless steel