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Traditional farrowing pen: Funki F207
Provides maximum possible space for even the largest sows

Funki F207 is our traditional farrowing pen. The pen is constructed in a way, so that it provides maximum possible space for even the largest sows. The farrowing pen has a special feature - soft plastic-coated rear gate, which is gentle to sows.

We can maintain high hygiene with Funki fiber farrowing pen. It is easy to clean. It also provides extra space inside the pens."

Poul Faurhold, Tylstrup DanBred

Advantages with Funki traditional farrowing pen:

  • Farrowing crate with extra good space for even the largest sows
  • Maximum space for the piglets before weaning
  • Partitions in PVC board profiles or fiber
  • Simple and effective adjustment of the sow box
  • Plastic-coated soft rear gate - gentle on the sow
  • Tilting function of the rear gate for greater safety during farrowing
  • Extra large piglet corners for larger litters
  • Strong construction with 50 x 50 mm posts

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Pen length : 2500 / 3000 mm

Pen width: 1600 / 1650 / 1700 / 1750 / 1800

Pen height: 500/750 mm

Height crate side: 1100 mm

Piglet nest width: 800/900 mm

Piglet nest area: 0,9 / 1,0 m2

Piglet nest for Funki farrowing pen

  • Approved, high quality material: EPP
  • Very smooth surface, easy to clean
  • Minimum heat loss
  • Hole in heating lamp, with lid
  • Can be customized for your needs
  • Piglets nest is available - facing right or left
  • Width: 80, 85 og 90 cm
  • Accessories: barrier plate (127x9 cm) with or without hole