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Farrowing pen: Funki F207
Traditional farrowing

Funki F207 is our traditional farrowing pen. The pen is constructed in a way, so that it provides maximum possible space for even the largest sows. The farrowing pen has a special feature - soft plastic-coated rear gate, which is gentle to sows.

  • Good hygiene and easy to clean
  • Single-handed rear plate
  • Can be opened in both sides
  • Can be fixed in two positions
  • Minimum risk of injury to piglets
  • Optional addition of nutrients to water system
Pen length2500-3000 mm
Pen width1600 / 1650 / 1700 / 1750 / 1800 + variable 1600-2000 mm
Pen height500 / 750 mm
ProfilesU-profiler 1,5 mm rustfri / H-profiler
Board profiles35 x 250/750 mm
Width farrowing crate, front560 mm
Width farrowing crate, rear gate520-700 mm
Height crate side1100 mm
Crate side33,7 x 2,69 rør
Volume trough21 l
Piglets nest width800 / 900 mm
Piglets nest area0,9 / 1,0 sq.m.

  • Approved, high quality material: EPP
  • Very smooth surface, easy to clean
  • Minimum heat loss
  • Hole in heating lamp, with lid
  • Can be customized for your needs
  • Piglets nest is available - facing right or left
  • Width: 80, 85 og 90 cm
  • Accessories: barrier plate (127x9 cm) with or without hole