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Combination of slats for farrowing pens
Wide assortment of plastic slats, cast iron slats, supports and heating plates

Selecting the appropriate flooring solution for pig farming is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the well-being and productivity of the animals.

Each option comes with its own set of advantages and considerations, and the choice should be made based on the specific needs of the pigs and the farm's overall management strategy.

ACO FUNKI offers a complete flooring program for pig barns. Our plastic and cast iron slats have been on the market for 30 years and are under constant development and optimization.


  • Tested and approved plastic slats in high quality from our own production in Germany
  • Wide assortment of plastic slats, cast iron slats, supports and heating plates
  • High flexibility - the components can be combined according to your needs
  • Competitive prices, short delivery time
  • Green color as a sign of good quality

Plastic slats for pig farms:

Cast iron slats:

Combine it with a 50 cm heating plates to get 25% extra heating capacity compared to the 40 cm. Sows tend to get more piglets, and it sets the demand for larger piglets nests and heating plates for piglets.

Plastic slats for sows:
10x40 cm
30x20 cm
30x30 cm
30x60 cm
60x40 cm
60x40 cm closed
60x50 cm

The special plastic slate has an innovative surface structure and 10% opening. It helps the piglets stay warm and dry. In addition, it excludes the risk of their claws to be caught in the holes.

Plastic slats for weaners:
60x40 cm
60x40 cm 10% opening
60x50 cm

Slats with 5% opening are designed to reduce pressure sore while making sure that the sow has a dry and cool area.
Cast iron slats:
10x60 cm
30x60 cm
40x60 cm
40x60 cm closed
60x40 cm 5% opening
60x40 cm
60 x 80 cm
60 x 80 cm 5% opening

The enhanced smoothness of the slats 60x80 cm ensures a comfortable resting surface for sows, promoting stress reduction during the farrowing process.


The STEP-system is especially designed to elevate the sow’s lying area in order to reduce the risk of crushing the small piglets by the sow, thus, reducing piglets’ mortality. Furthermore, customers’ experience shows, that piglets have better conditions for nursing.


“Increased productivity from 33,60 piglets per sow/year to 36,80 piglets per sow/year from January to August 2016. This increase in productivity was reached after rebuilding their farrowing pens with ACO FUNKI’s STEP-system. The farm has got several awards in Portugal for productivity.”

“Exploração Nuno Correia – Ota” farm, Portugal