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Heating plate for farrowing pens
Heated with EL or water

The heating plate is used in farrowing pens to ensure optimal comfort for piglets and better survival ability during the first few days.

The heating plate requires only minimum maintenance, but at the same time ensures optimum growth conditions for even the smallest piglets.The bottom is provided with insulated foil material, so that the heat rises upwards.

  • Ensures perfect climate and optimum temperature conditions for sow and piglets
  • Option for heating with EL or water
  • Option for polymer or plastic heating plate
  • Heating plate is adjusted to slats, so that it becomes an integrated part of the slats area
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimum maintenance

In the ACO FUNKI heating plate for EL, there are molded electric heating treads in the polymer concrete, which makes the installation easy and cheap. In this model it is possible to connect many plates in series, however a control unit will only cut handle up to 1250 W, but with a relay the control unit will handle 2500 W.

DescriptionWidth x length, mmEffect, WVoltage, VMax amount of plates that can be connected
El-heating plate, polymer concrete400 x 120013023016
500 x 120018012
800 x 12002708
500 x 140018012
El-heating plate, plastic, rightward400 x 12008027
El-heating plate, plastic, leftward

With ACO FUNKI heating plate for water, there are molded high pressure pipes in polymer concrete with clamp fittings, this makes the installation easy and cheap. In this model it is possible to connect the heating plates in series up to five units, where the temperature is regulated by one thermostat.

DescriptionWidth x length, mmEffect, W

Hot water heating plate, polymer

400 x 1200240
500 x 1200240
600 x 1200160
800 x 1200240
500 x 1400240

The temperature of the electric heating plates is controlled via a "mother" heating plate. The temperature sensor cable in the heating plate is connected to the control panel/box, and the temperature is easily adjusted by pressing the buttons.