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Heating plates ensure comfort for piglets in farrowing and weaner pens
Increase the weight gain of your piglets and the overall efficiency of your farm

Comfort for newborn piglets

Heating plates play a vital role in ensuring piglets' well-being and optimal growth in farrowing and weaner pens. Newborn piglets, with their sparse body hair, limited energy reserves, and poor cold resistance, require a carefully controlled environment for healthy development. When mounting the heating plates in your farrowing pens, you provide constant comfort for them.

Increase in weight gain

There are many benefits of utilizing heating plates in pig farming. One of the primary advantages is the substantial increase in weight gain among piglets. A warm and cozy environment allows piglets to channel their energy into growth rather than expanding it to regulate body temperature. This efficient energy use translates directly into accelerated weight gain, a key metric in any pig farming operation. As the piglets grow optimally, the farm's overall efficiency is enhanced, leading to a more productive and profitable venture.

The overall efficiency of the farm

Moreover, heating plates contribute to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the farm. The heating plates indirectly impact the production cycle by promoting healthier and faster piglet growth. Well-nourished and robust piglets are more likely to develop into healthy, high-quality adults, ready for market. This, in turn, boosts the farm's reputation and profitability in the long run.

Hot Water as a heat source for PVC Heating plates:

  • Save Electricity Costs: Water heating plates utilize the natural convection of water, ensuring consistent heat distribution without overworking electrical systems. This efficiency leads to reduced energy consumption, saving farmers on electricity costs in the long run.
  • Get Better Production Results: The piglets are in a warm and dry place. This reduces the risk of diseases, and growth is positively affected. Textured surface prevents injuries.
  • Simple Modular Structure: Its modular structure allows for fast assembly. The design ensures easy access to every part of the plate, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

PVC heating plate with hot water:

Article no.563040563050
Dimensions, cm120 x 40120 x 50
Volume, L1011,5
PipesStainless steel, 1/2'' female thread
Modular StructureIndependent / Multiple piece use
Amount of plates per circuitMax 8 pcs.*
Average surface temperature36,140C**

* If you mount more than eight pcs. per circuit, we cannot guarantee the even heat distribution for the entire circuit.

** Our test results show that isolating the pipes under the heating plate increases the temperature of the plate placed furthest away by approx. 3,5%.

Polymer heating plate with hot water:

Article no.126311263312630
Dimensions, cm120 x 40120 x 50140 x 50
Energy effect with PVC pipe insert120W120W140W
Modular StructureIndependent / Multiple piece use
Amount of plates pr. circuit8-16 pcs.
Average surface temperature with 8 plates pr. circuit36,560C

ACO FUNKI's heating plate for water has molded high-pressure pipes in polymer concrete with clamp fittings, making the installation easy and cost-efficient. In this model, it is possible to connect in series up to 16 units depending on the model, where the temperature is regulated by one thermostat.

EL as a heat source for heating plates:

In the ACO FUNKI heating plate for EL, there are molded electric heating treads in the polymer concrete, which makes the installation easy and cheap. In this model it is possible to connect many plates in series, however a control unit will only cut handle up to 1250 W, but with a relay the control unit will handle 2500 W.

EL-heating plate - PVC or polymer concrete:

Article no.17582184091779218855
Dimensions, cm120 x 40120 x 50120 x 80140 x 50
Effect, W130180270180
Max amount of plates pr. circuit1612812
Voltage, V