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JUMB-O-FINE Mating and gestation box
Gives free access to the sow due to the unique DUO rear gate

JUMB-O-FINE is a box for weaning and gestating sows, that gives free access to the sow due to the unique DUO rear gate.

The box has no upper pipes which means free access to the sow throughout the length of the box. Simple locking system without loose pins and extra strong box construction.

Facts about JUMB-O-FINE:

Lying length1900 / 2000 mm (with front grille extension)
Height1100 mm
WidthVariabel 550 - 750 mm
Posts40 x 40 x 3 mm
Upper pipes33,7 x 2,65 mm
Lower pipes42,5 x 2,65 mm
Bars14 mm solid round iron /12 mm back
Rear gateDuo gates box width 620-700 mm / 710-780 mm
QualityHot galvanized
Water supplyHigh piping PVC / low piping SS
Water inlet½" SS pipe, SS valve. 1 per 2 boxes