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Mating and gestation box: LD-box
Traditional mating stall sows

Mating stall LD-box is a traditional mating box that has an easy
operating gate function and gives the sows a free choice.
They can stay in the box or the resting area with the deep
straw bedding. The sows can sort out the group's hierarchy
before mating, giving the fetuses the best conditions
after fertilization.

Calmer sows - Better work environment
Bedding mat and functions

The deep bedding mat gives the sows unique possibilities
for exercise and roughage. As a result, the sows will be
calm. In addition, the work environment is improving
because of the easy access through the rear gate, one-hand
operated front gate, and locking systen in 2 meters height.

Nevertheless, is the mating stall LD-box a great combination
of both function and quality. Therefore it is perfect for your
mating house.

Lying length190/200 cm (w. front grille extension)
Height2000 mm
Width60 - 70 cm
Posts40 x 40 x 4 mm
Upper pipes33,7 x 2,65 mm
Lower pipes33,7 x 2,65 mm
Bars14 mm solid round iron
Front/ rear gateSide hinged
Locking system2 meter height
QualityHot galvanized
Water supply2 meter height: 1” galvanized or stainless steel
Water inlet½” SS pipe, SS nipple. 1 per 2 boxes