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Mating and Gestation (MAG) box for better sows welfare
Safe Insemination of Sows

Our combined Mating and Gestation box provides a spacious environment where sows can move freely, ensuring their comfort and well-being. The special box design prevents sows from squeezing between the pipes, minimizing stress and potential damage to the sows. This consideration is essential for the sows’ reproductive health.

The open design of the MAG-box facilitates easy insemination and stimulation of the sows. The system enables proper grouping at the right time without unnecessary reshuffling, enhancing farm productivity.

Our solution’s integrated approach benefits the sows and provides farm operators with a better overview of the entire process. This leads to improved management practices, reducing operational complexities and enhancing overall efficiency.

What our customer says:

After trying numerous alternatives, we finally found a solution that truly stands out.

One of the great features for us is the absence of any unnecessary parts that can easily break. There is a good space for insemination procedures.

It has made our job easier, more efficient, and far more convenient.”

Jonas & Danni Sørensen | Denmark, 4,500 sows

Manual lock function

The RED HANDLES are for manual open/close functions. It makes it easy to see from the aisle which animals are locked.