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INN-O-FLEX penning equipment for sows and boars
Strong construction with several options

Experience the strength and versatility with INN-O-FLEX, a robust penning program specially designed for sows and boars. The equipment is 110 cm high supported by 5x5 cm galvanized posts, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Choose from 35 mm and 40 mm board profiles or opt for 10 mm solid fiber panels to suit your specific needs.

Enhanced safety and durability features

NN-O-FLEX pens are engineered for maximum durability and safety. The top of each pen features either vertical or horizontal pipes that securely clamp down over the board profiles, preventing any gaps. Additionally, our unique stainless steel U-profiles feature inwardly curved edges, greatly reducing the risk of manure penetration and ensuring that the pens remain hygienic and easier to clean.

Our flexible penning options cater to various farming needs, making INN-O-FLEX an ideal choice for both sows and boars. The dual solid steel profiles at the base of each pen add an extra layer of durability and stability. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical configurations, the tight-fitting pipes ensure a secure and clean environment for your livestock, minimizing maintenance efforts and maximizing the health of your animals.

Why choose INN-O-FLEX?

  • Strong and secure construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the farm environment.
  • Flexible design options: Customizable setups to fit your specific farming requirements.
  • Improved hygiejne: Designed to keep out waste and reduce cleaning time.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Durable materials and construction mean fewer replacements and repairs.

INN-O-FLEX provides not just penning but a comprehensive, clean, and secure environment for your livestock. Invest in a solution that offers both flexibility and durability, enhancing the overall efficiency of your agricultural operations.

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