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Drinking cups
Water supply for weaners, sows and finishers

We offer a wide selection of drinking cups for all age groups. The common thing for all our drinking cups is that they all have an ergonomical design. Rounded shape ensures that there are no blind corners, and the closed design on top of the cups prevents dung in the drinking cup. The water nipple is placed in the bottom of the drinking cup and releases only the amount of water, that pigs actually can drink. This means considerable water savings and considerable reduction in the quantity of slurry.

  • Anatomical design of the drinking cup
  • Good hygiene and low water waste
  • Drinking nipples can be adjusted
  • Increased water intake = increased feed intake
  • Greater growth, better feed conversion
  • Simple daily operation and cleaning
  • Significant water savings
Drinking cupForPigs per cupMounting height, cm*
MultiWean-to-Finish, sows30 weaners
20 finishers
10 sows

* from floor to cup lower front edge. NB: Water pressure at nipple cannot exceed 2,5 Bar.