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Climate cover for weaners: FLEXCOVER
Secure the optimal health and growth of your pigs

Weaning is challenging for piglets as they transition from their mother's milk to solid feed and adjust to a new social environment. To ensure these young animals' optimal health and growth, specialized weaner units have been designed to meet their specific needs.

FLEXCOVER is a climate cover to create a two-zone environment for weaners. It consists of the fixed part and the openable part. FLEXCOVER has many built-in options with 25, 50, and 75-cm board profiles and flexible hinge rails. The climate cover is made of 15 mm PVC board profiles and is available in different variations, such as 2-parts, 3-parts, or sloped.

  • Plastic with rounded profiles all over and thereby no sharp edges
  • Light, but at the same time durable construction with 15 mm plastic board profiles
  • Tight fittings ensure top hygiene and easy cleaning: developed for modern pig production
  • Hinge rails with flexible rubber hinges provide a draft-free environment
  • Many build-in options with 25, 50, and 75 cm board profiles in combination with adjustable hinge rails

Flexcover climate cover - dimensions

Depth, mm*Type2-parts, mm3-parts, mm
850Straight250 / 500-
1100Straight500 / 500 + 250 / 750-
1160Straight-250 / 500 / 250
1350Straight500 / 750
1600Straight750 / 750
1100Sloped250 / 750
1350Sloped500 / 750

* Max width is 300 cm. If the width is more than 300 cm, extra post is required.

Flexcover climate cover - types overview: