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CLEAN-O-FLEX Penning equipment for weaners and finishers
For weaners, wean-to-finish and finishers

CLEAN-O-FLEX® is a flexible system based on stainless U-profiles. With standard height of 75 and 100 cm it can be used especially for weaners, wean-to-finish and finishers.

Advantages of the CLEAN-O-FLEX penning program:

  • Focus on finish: plastic plugs, rubber sealing and locking system ensure completly tight and closed equipment
  • Easy and effective cleaning and thus new stall effect whenever the pen is washed
  • Rounded edges and corners ensure animals welfare
  • Lasting materials: unleaded PVC and stainless steel
  • Gates can be operated with one hand and can be slammed - it saves time
  • Innumerable combinations

  • U-profiles: 1,5 mm stainless steel
  • PVC board profiles: 35 mm with zig-zag reinforcement
  • Pipes: 33,7 x 2,65 mm hot galvanized

CLEAN-O-FLEX Penning equipment
Types overview

Height, mmPin lockTwist lockFull width gateQty of pipesClosed
850x--3 / 1-

Types of lock for the CLEAN-O-FLEX gate: