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Increase productivity by optimizing feeding of the lactating sows
Ad-lib Feeder for sows

Farm productivity is all about how many piglets you can get from one sow. Therefore it is important to focus on the well-being of each sow throughout her entire production period.

The Ad-lib feeder from ACO FUNKI is a feeder for lactating sows, where the sow can choose how much she would like to consume from day one to weaning. Ad libitum feeding of lactating sows helps to improve feed intake, litter weight at weaning, and sow reproduction.

The Ad-lib feeder from ACO FUNKI allows the sow to mix feed and water in one meal, with no clogging, to take advantage of the many benefits of free-choice feeding of sows in farrowing crates.

Benefits of the Ad-Lib Feeder

The Ad-libitum Feeder is transforming the feeding regimen for lactating sows, merging convenience with advanced nutritional technology.

This innovative feeder allows sows the freedom to regulate their own feed intake from the onset of lactation until weaning, ensuring they consume exactly what their bodies require for optimal health and milk production.

The unique design of the feeder prevents the bridging of feed and water, facilitating an efficient mix that sows can easily access, thereby enhancing their overall feed and water intake. As a result, sows experience a boost in milk yield, directly benefiting the piglets with ample nourishment and leading to higher weights at weaning. Additionally, the well-nourished sows are likely to have more living piglets in subsequent litters.

The Ad-lib feeder's versatility is further highlighted by its adjustable feed dosing system, which can be tailored to one of three levels, ensuring that the dietary needs of every sow are met with precision.

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