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FUNKI FLEX Penning equipment for weaners and finishers
Penning system made of strong PVC board profiles

FUNKI FLEX is our flexible penning system for weaners and finishers, and it is made of corrosion-free materials, PVC and stainless steel. The PVC board profiles are closed at the top and at the bottom. Strong foot plates in stainless steel or cast iron. FUNKI FLEX has a height of 75 cm for weaners and 100 cm finishers.

  • Strong construction
  • Strong PVC which doesn't corrode or break
  • Stainless connecting screws preventing pigs from getting scratched
  • No sharp edges
  • Strong single-handed handle
  • Warm animal-friendly surface
  • Dries and heats quickly after washing
  • Heavy-duty steel foot plate cast in one piece

Funki Flex Penning Equipment
Types overview

PVC board profiles250 / 500 / 7506000
FUNKI FLEX grid (with screws)7501000 /1220 / 1500
FUNKI FLEX grid (with foot plate)7601000 / 1220 / 1500
FUNKI FLEX grid (with hat profile, closed or open)755997 / 1249 / 1501
FUNKI FLEX grid (with U-profile, closed or open)755997 / 1249 / 1501
35 mm PVC board profile250 / 500 / 7506000
FUNKI FLEX grid (with screws)10001000 / 1220 / 1500
FUNKI FLEX grid (with foot plate)10101000 / 1220 / 1500