ACO Funki A/S

Manipulation and investigation materials
To meet the pigs’ needs to investigation behaviour

Pigs investigate their surroundings by performing digging, sniffing, biting and chewing movements. Therefore, a lack of investigation and manipulation materials can adversely affect the behavior of the pigs. Some weahners and finishers develop hale biting behavior that is related to their current motivational state. 

Therefore, the current Danish legislation set up the minimum standards for the protection of pigs (pig farming). According to the current rules, “pigs must have permanent access to a sufficient amount of materials that they can properly investigate and red in.”

We offer several types of manipulation materials adapted to different types of pigs and pens.

 Straw rack for farrowing pens, made of durable fibre panels

Straw rack for all pigs and pen types, made of stainless or galvanized steel

  • Meets the pigs’ needs for feed digging and investigation behavior
  • Used to minimize the risk of tail biting
  • Easy to mount
  • Quick and easy replacement of wooden sticks