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Farrowing pen: INN-O-CRATE
More weaned pigs, high weight at weaning

INN-O-CRATE® is our traditional farrowing crate, which can be adjusted according to the size of the sow. The front of the crate can be mounted in 5 different positions and the rear part can by means of the rear gate be adjusted by almost 30 cm!

The rounded design takes care of the sows’ rear part and provides plenty of room during the farrowing. The tiltable wings make it easy for the sow to get up and protect the piglets, when the sow lies down.


  • More weaned pigs
  • High weight at weaning
  • Adapted to the anatomy of the sow
  • Safe farrowing and free movement behavior
  • Safe farrowing and free movement behavior
  • Piglets have free access to the utter
  • Tiltable wings for better safety of the piglets
  • One of the largest piglet nests on the market

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Pen length2500 - 3000 mm
Pen width1650 / 1750 mm
Pen height500 mm
ProfilesU-profiles 1,5 mm stainless steel
Board profiles35 x 500 mm
Lying length2000 - 2100 mm
Width farrowing crate, front520 - 610 mm
Width farrowing crate, rear580 - 850 mm
Height crate side900 mm
Crate side33,7 / 42,4 x 2,65 pipe
Volume trough21 liter
Piglets nest width800 / 900 cm
Piglets nest area0,7 / 0,8 kvm

  • Optimum climate (closed sides that prevents draught)
  • Tight assemblings and close connection between lid and fixed part
  • Up to 0,8 m2 covered area
  • Individual adjustment possible
  • Easy access
  • Light construction
  • Piglet nest can be right- og left-handed
  • Width: 80 / 90 cm

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