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Keep your piglets warm with the INN-O-CORNER piglet nest
Piglet Corner and Heat Lamp

At every stage of a piglet's life, proper temperature regulation is essential to their health and well-being. It is vital for them to be taught to stay in the piglet corner. Piglets must spend energy on suckling instead of heat production.

The piglet corner will ensure the correct temperature for the piglet in their life cycle, meaning less mortality and better weight at weaning. Combine piglet corner with the proper heating lamp - and you will get the best out of your farrowing house and reduce energy costs significantly.

INN-O-CORNER piglet nest comes with various options, such as a rubber floor, curtains and is easy to integrate into your existing farrowing system.

Funki Intelligent Heat Lamp

Funki Intelligent Heat Lamp are designed to keep the piglets warm and comfortable while providing optimal energy efficiency.

The lamps feature energy-saving capabilities, which means they can save you up to 80% of heat energy* than traditional heat lamps. This means you'll not only be providing the best
possible environment for your piglets, but you'll also be saving on your energy bills in the long run.

Average Power Consumption

As you can see in the graph, you can save up to 75 kWh/Pen in 23 days
by using an INFRA lamp compared to the regular 175W bulb.

Funki Intelligent Heat Lamps
Three options:


Standard 150W washable heat lamp


Simple, magnet-regulated heat lamp (ON/OFF/50%).


This heat lamp contains infrared technology. The lamp maintains optimal temperature in the resting area by measuring the surface temperature.