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Group Feeding with Biofix Feeding Partition for Loose Sows
Less feed competition and stress

Discover the ultimate solution to group feeding challenges with the Biofix Feeding Partition for Loose Sows. Designed specifically for loose sows in groups, this innovative feeding partition caters to liquid and dry feeding systems, ensuring versatility and convenience for farmers and livestock managers.

Benefits of BioFix Feed Partition:

Versatile Feeding Solutions
The Biofix Feeding Partition is engineered to support both liquid and dry feeding methods.

Less Feed Competition and Stress
One of the most significant advantages of the Biofix Feeding Partition is its ability to reduce competition and stress among sows during feeding times. By preventing fighting over feed, it promotes a more peaceful and stress-free environment, contributing to the overall well-being of the animals.

Compatible with Multiple Trough Materials
Whether you prefer stainless steel or polymer troughs, the Biofix Feeding Partition is designed to be compatible with both materials. This flexibility allows for easy integration into existing feeding systems, making it a versatile choice for any farming operation.