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FT30 Farrowing pen for loose sows with no fixation
Can be used from birth to piglets weight of approx. 30 kg

The FT30 pen was designed based on the Norwegian preferences for loose nursing sows. The result is a very flexible pen that can be used from birth to piglets weight of approx. 30 kg. By applying the “birth to 30 kg” system, you avoid transportation of piglets to the weaner unit. It means a lot less cleaning in comparison to traditional production. At the same time you save the pigs from stress, which gives a better daily gain and feed conversion.

The large piglet nest can be used for piglets up to 25-30 kg. The pen is particularly wellsuited for special production of welfare pigs.

Advantages of the FT30 farrowing pen:

  • Very flexible; can be used from birthg to 30 kg
  • Less transportation of pigs, less stress, better growth
  • Suitable for production of welfare pigs
  • Extra large piglet nest; place for up to 25-30 kg’s pigs
  • Height-adjustable barrier plate in the piglet nest
Side height100 cm96 cm
Rear part height75 / 100 cm61 /75 / 96 cm
Gate height100 cm96 cm
Stainless bars height100 cm96 cm
Material thickness3,5 cm1 cm
Width110 cm
Area1 m2
Lidwith or without hole