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Phase feeding and automated sorting of finishing pigs
PorkTuner - Precise and individual feeding for specific body weights and performance levels


The PorkTuner makes it easy and efficient to feed finishing pigs while monitoring pig performance and projecting finishing dates. Fine tune your pig performance, reduce labor requirements and feed the correct diet to the correct pig.

Typical finishing barns are built with a one-size-fits-all approach, making accurate phase-feeding and market weight projections impossible. In that style of barn, you must feed to averages rather than feeding the right diet based on pig weight.

You also spend time manually sorting pigs and run the risk of non-uniform finishing groups.


The PorkTuner takes the labor and stress out of managing finish pigs. First, the PorkTuner collects each pig’s weight on its way to feeding. Based on the weight parameters you set, the
PorkTuner directs pigs to one of two diets.

Lighter pigs are directed to the more nutrientdense diet, and heavier pigs to an appropriate, less expensive diet.

When a pig reaches the target market weight you identified for your barn, the PorkTuner directs it to delivery. The PorkTuner securely stores data you can use to project market dates accurately and schedule deliveries of new feeder pigs.

You can also monitor overall feed consumption and pig performance data to watch for changes that could indicate an environmental, feed or health problem. The PorkTuner puts you in control of how you use feed in the finishing barn.