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PVC board profiles
Durable and tight-fitting penning equipment

    PVC board profiles are designed for section walls and for any wall constructions in a pig barn. The PVC board profiles have a thickness of 35 or 40 mm and have zig-zag lamellas that ensure a high degree of stability compared to regular panel division.

      The PVC board profiles are made of durable lead-free PVC. Due to the rubber strip glued to the upper edge, the PVC board profiles have tight joints. It is simple to mount the PVC board profiles due to the smart click system.

      • Pressure and twist stable: zig-zag lamellas give a high degree of stability compared to regular panel division
      • Durable: pure, new lead free PVC (differences in color can occur)
      • Tight joints: rubber strip is glued to the upper edge of the panels
      • Simple and fast mounting: rational click system
      • Easy to clean: tight, strong and smooth surface and rounded bottom

      DescriptionHeight x width, mmLength, m
      PVC board profiles 35 mm

      35 x 2506 m / running m

      35 x 500
      35 x 750
      PVC board profiles 40 mm40 x 2506 m / running m
      40 x 500

      "PROFF LINE STEEL" U-profiles are designed for 35 and 40 mm PVC board profiles. The U-profiles are made of durable stainless steel and has inwards curved edges, which ensures additional stability and minimizes the risk of manure penetration.

      • Fit tight to PVC board profiles for better hygiene
      • No sharp edges for better animal welfare
      • Own local production for competitive prices
      • Fully automatic production that delivers consistent quality
      • Available in tailor-made size
      • Stable and durable