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Feed tables for cattle
Made of durable polymer concrete

ACO FUNKI cattle troughs are adapted to the special physiology of the cattle feed intake. The troughs are suitable for all feed types and fit for every set-up and support form. They consist of a homogeneous material, so they do not have a coating that is susceptible to abrasion and can be easily cleaned due to the smooth surface and a small joint portion.

The hygienically smooth surface has resulted in a 2.3% increase in the basic feed intake compared to the concrete sludge. Due to a high degree of dimensional accuracy, there is also no need for expensive mounting.

  • Tailor-made for each type of installation and maintenance
  • Durabiltiy of the polymer concrete material due to its resistance to acids and alkalis as well as high abrasion resistance (hard as granite)
  • Simple and fast installation thanks to the high dimensional accuracy of large structural elements
  • Low joint content
  • Smooth surfaces ensure a clean, easy to clean place for feeding
  • Animal-friendly shaping