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Feeders for pigs

Baby Feeder

  • The trough is designed for pigs from 4 kg
  • Up to 60 pigs per feeder
  • Stimulate the piglets to eat and drink
  • Ensures optimal growth
  • Always fresh feed and water
  • Adjustable pause time from emptying to feed assignment
  • Possibility to adjust water volume


  • Up to 50 pigs per feeder
  • For weaners, Wean-To-Finish and finishers
  • 100 L feed volume
  • Perfect for both meal- and pellet feed
  • Water and feed in one feeder
  • Easy adjusting
  • Minimum feed waste

Box Feeder

  • Feed for 20-100 pigs per feeder
  • Easy access to feed
  • No sharp edges
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimum feed waste
  • Adjust the feed amount with a screw on the front plate

FUNKIMAT feeder: Single/Double

  • Optimum well-being for pigs
  • High daily gain
  • High hygiene and feed intake
  • Water and feed separated
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to adjust
  • Large adjustment handle ensures good overview

TUBE-O-MAT feeder

  • Reliable feed intake from day one
  • The shielding of transparent plastic for better overview
  • The large opening and the integrated agitatorfor a constant feed flow
  • No bridging
  • The emergency closing system to prevent feed waste
  • User-friendly, easy to clean and to use

3in1 NX feeder

  • 3in1 feeding principle: dry feed, water and soaked feed
  • Perfect for flour and pellet feed
  • Available for weaners and finishers