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Automatic control of liquid feeding process
FunkiNet Controller

Full automation of feed mixes and feed distribution with ACO FUNKI's liquid feeding system releases more time for staff to focus on the animals.

You can specify a feed program for the entire growth period (up to 99 programs). The system mixes and transports feed according to the selected recipes, and can be adjusted at sectional and valve level. As the animals grow, the feed recipe changes automatically.

FunkiNet monitors the mixing process, distributes feed and provides analysis of the processes and results.


  • Collects data in a shared database
  • Full traceability
  • Overveiw of components, mixtures and nutrients
  • Data extracts on farm, batch, section and pen level
  • Optional periodically read-outs
  • Database with data from every day back in time
  • Batch reports with all relevant data
  • Optimal overview
  • Easy to operate
  • Possible to track feed batch from delivery to trough