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Feeding of sows in pig farming
Modern feeders and phase feeding systems

The health and well-being of sows directly impact the overall success of any pig farming operation. Providing the sows with the right nutrition is not just a necessity; it is a responsibility that ensures both the sow's welfare and the farm's profitability.

VD100 Floor feeder

  • Primarely for gestating sows
  • Can be used for all age groups
  • Efficient and inexpensive solution
  • Reliable feeding from day one
  • Simple feeding method
  • Easy to mount

Ad-lib feeder for sows

  • Ad libitum feeding for lactating sows
  • Higher feed and water intake
  • Higher milk yield
  • Less weight loss for sows
  • More living piglets in the next litter
  • Can be regulated in three different positions

Combi Feeder for sows

  • Can be used for both nursing sows and weaned pigs
  • Pigs stay in the familiar environment up to 30 kg
  • +50 g higher weight gain for piglets
  • Lower costs, as pigs use the same feeding system
  • No additional zink in the feed mix
  • Save a wash, as the weaners stay in the farrowing pen
  • Easy adjustment

Phase feeding of sows

  • Save feed costs
  • Optimal use of feeding system
  • User-friendly controller
  • Lock for feed release, if the sow has not eaten up
  • 8 L feed dispenser
  • Easy to adjust feed amount
  • Can be adjusted with feed in feed dispenser