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MASTER FLOW - Water level valve
Maintains constant water level in the trough

MASTER FLOW is a membrane-operated valve system, which maintains a constant water level in the trough. The MASTER FLOW water level valve has two entrances with ½" internal threads for horizontal and vertical water pipes. The water level valve is delivered with a plug in order to be able to close the entry not used.

For optimum use we recommend the following:

  • Water supply with a prefilter
  • Water pressure of 2-2,5 Bar/29 - 36 PSI
  • The supply pipe: the vertical water pipe from the water level valve to the trough must be at least 80-200 cm
  • The supply pipe should be placed as far from the feed outlet as possible
  • Regular cleaning of the supply pipe in order to avoid water contamination

1MASTER FLOW incl. ½" plug
2Water pipe ½'', stainless steel, 1195/1495 mm with 1 thread
3Sow trough in stainless steel
4Stainless bracket for trough