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INN-O-LED Plug’n Play
LED-light for pig housing

ACO FUNKI Plug´N Play LED-light is a cost efficient solution for renewing your pig barn lighting. Fast, safe and easy to install and installation can be carried out by anyone. LED-installation reduces energy consumption by min. 60-80% compared to other light sources (neon tubes or similar), at the same time providing lower CO2 emission.

Our LED-lamps are specially designed for pig housing environment - transformers and LEDs are “molded” together, thus making the setup incredibly durable. The lamps can tolerate moisture, dust and ammonia due to its unique construction.

The lamps are made as modular Plug’n Play system solution, where you can easily mount luminaires, incl. cables, - all by yourself.

Modular LED luminaire: replacable LEDs and transformer ensure long durability and low operating costs. Possibilty for continuous upgrade to new technology without changing the entire luminaire. The installation can be done by a pig producer.

  • Made for housing environments, coated and sealed electronics
  • 100 % waterproof, IP67, can be cleaned with high pressure
  • 50–80 % power savings
  • Everyone can mount it

More light gives better productivity.

With LED SOW-lighting, you can increase productivity in your pig barn, thereby preventing return-to-oestrus and dry sows. With SOW-Light you mount the LED luminaires directly over the sows head so that they are illuminated with 200-400 lux. In this way, the sows will believe that it is summer all year round and thus increase productivity.

SOW-Light in mating and control stalls typically gives the following improvements:

  • Better oestrus
  • 2-5% higher farrowing percentage
  • 0.3 - 1 extra pig per. litter
  • Fewer sows that do not come in heat

With ACO Funki LED luminaires, you will experience a significant saving on the electricity bill - typically 50-80% a year depending on the current lighting solution.

You get LED lighting made especially for agriculture, and thus with the following advantages:

  • Can withstand large amounts of dust and water
  • Can be cleaned with high pressure, all luminaires are waterproof, IP67
  • Impact resistant luminaire housing
  • LED diodes are specially coated and the driver is silicone sealed, for long durability
  • Can withstand ammonia, moisture, gases etc.
  • 50,000 hours of LED life, 7-17 years in pig housing
  • Minimum maintenance

All LED luminaires will begin to emit harmful rays over a period of 2-3 years. This is due, among other things, to fault current or change in diodes or drivers. All our luminaires have built-in "Non Radiation", which prevents the emission of harmful rays.

Also available in dimmable versions that can be controlled via ACO Funki's "Smart Controller". It provides additional power saving and it is easy to use.