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Components for liquid feeding of pigs
High performance equipment from silo to trough

If the farm staff spends more time on direct animal care, animal welfare and comfort will be reflected in financial performance at farm operation. Full automation of feed mix and feed distribution with ACO FUNKIs liquid feeding system releases more time for staff to pay attention to the animals.


CCM corn is a good feed ingredient for liquid feeding. From the CCM tank the corn "snails" directly into the liquid feeding tank. The mixing tank is available in different sizes, depending on the farm capacity. The design of the tank is critical for the feed quality. One of the most important criteria for feed quality is a uniform consistency and sufficient fluidity. These properties are obtained by appropriate mixing of the components in the feed mix.


The system dosates small amounts of vitamins, minerals and other additives with gram accuracy. The system is equipped with special stirring and has a capacity of 10 liters. The entire system is made of stainless steel.


  • Optimal hygiene and no feed residuals
  • Easy to mount
  • Strong rubber membrane with long durability
  • Stainless valve cover ensures that the valve stays tight
  • Flexible - can be rotated in all directions


When the feed flows from the mixing tank, it passes the stone trap. Here, small stones and other foreign objects are being sorted out. This provides additional protection for the pump. At the same time, the pigs get cleaner feed mix.


ACO FUNKI's liquid feeding system uses electrical pumps for feed transport. This type of equipment is subject to great wearingdown due to the fact that it works almost without interruption. Unlike other pumps on the market, our pump has an advantage because it is made of stainless steel whith a thickness significantly greater than other manufacturers'. This ensures a longer lifetime of the pump and a durable operation of the entire system.