Feeder 3in1 NX
3in1 Feeding principle

The 3IN1 NX feeder works according to 3-in-1 principle - 3 different consistencies of feed are offered to the piglets & finishers at the same time: fresh water, dry feed and soaked water.

The pigs can choose which components they want to take. This ability is stimulating the feed intake. Taking water and feed at the same time is also reducing stress in the group. You can measure the effect: excellent daily gain from wean to finish. The key of success is the polymer concrete part of the feeder which was constructed focusing absolutely on the animal.

  • 50 pigs per feeder; from 6 to 120 kg
  • 140 L feed volume
  • 70 cm trough with rounded edges, easy to clean
  • Perfect for both meal and pellet feed
  • Transparent polypropylene hopper
  • Extremely long durability
  • Minimum wasting of feed
DescriptionMini 60WMaxi 70WMaxi 80W
Water pressure2 - 2,5 Bar
MountingInto partition or detached
Type of feedMeal or pellets
Dosing unitOscillation principle = swinging / vibrating
Height / frame940 mm1100 mm1100 mm
Width620 mm740 mm840 mm
Filling volume120 l120 l120 l
Piglets up to 35 kg30-4040-50up to 75
Pigs up to 115 kg-30-40up to 50
Trough2 for water, 1 for mix1 for water, 1 for mix2 for water, 1 for mix