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VD100 Floor feeder for gestating sows
Efficient floor feeding for all age groups

VD100 feeder is specially designed for floor feeding of gestating sows but can be used for all age groups. It is a simple and effective feeding method.

We recommend a group size of min. 12-15 sows per pen, but the feeder can also be used for larger flocks of up to 50 sows per pen. It is recommended that pigs be divided into three teams, including gilts, and apply immediately after mating in a minimum of four teams. Sorting is made according to condition and age.

  • Primarely for gestating sows
  • Can be used for all age groups
  • Efficient and inexpensive solution
  • Reliable feeding from day one
  • Simple feeding method
  • Easy to mount


Width / length ratio: 2/3 - 2/4

Volume: 40 l

Feeding space: 1,3 m2/so

Mounting of VD100 Floor Feeder:

The feeder is mounted with 2 feed strings with feed dispensers or 1 string with floor feeder for maximum spread of the feed.

The floor feeder must be able to accommodate the entire feed amount when all the sows are at the highest feeding intensity (4 FU per sow per day is equal to 7 liters per sow).

Max. 20 pcs. of feed dispensers VD100 per piano wire 3 mm. Angle of feed spread is approx. 1½ meters, depending on VD100 mounting height.