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COMBI-feeder for sows and weaners
Weaning in farrowing pen

COMBI-feeder can be used for both nursing sows and weaners, and is the most useful in the farrowing pens for loose sows, wherethe sow is moved while the weaners stay in the pen.

The system works by means of the pendulum in the tube bottom being removedduring the lactating period, so that the feed falls down directly through the tube, and the feed is dosed in a mounted feeddispenser.
When the sow is moved, the weaners eat from the trough without water and with the mounted pendulum, so that thepigs should activate the pendulum to get the feed.

  • Can be used for both nursing sows and weaned pigs.
  • After lactation the sow is moved while the pigs stay in the pen until 30kg.
  • This is supported by COMBI-FEEDER which can be adjusted manually.
  • During lactation, the feed is dosed via a mounted feed dispenser.
  • When the sow is moved, the pigs are fed after appetite.
  • Lower costs, as pigs use the same feeding system.

Combi-Feeder Dimensions: