ACO Funki A/S

INN-O-LED Plug’n Play
LED-light for pig housing

LED-installation reduces energy consumption by min. 60-80% compared to other light sources (neon tubes or similar). Electricity savings up to 90% compared to light bulbs; lower CO2 emission.

Our LED-lamps are specially designed for pig housing environment - transformers and LEDs are “molded” together, thus making the setup incredibly durable. The lamps can tolerate moisture, dust and ammonia due to its unique construction.

The lamps are made as modular Plug’n Play system solution, where you can easily mount luminaires, incl. cables, - all by yourself. 

Modular LED luminaire: replacable LEDs and transformer ensure long durability and low operating costs. Possibilty for continuous upgrade to new technology without changing the entire luminaire. The installation can be done by a pig producer.

Why to use special lightning?

  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Shorter days – the animals think it is autumn and will avoid gestation
  • Light increases the secretion of estrogen
  • To avoid autumn crashes
  • To ensure stronger oestrus