ACO Funki A/S

Liquid feeding


  • An intelligent system that automatically adjusts the amount of liquid feed
  • Detection of how fast the feed gets eaten
  • Ensures that the animals get the correct amount of feed
  • Avoid feed waste

LIQMIX mixing tank

  • Precise measuring
  • Optimal mixing
  • Prevents stationary top layer
  • Can be started with a full tank
  • Built-in stone trap
  • Tank window
  • Large opening
  • Automatically secured upon opening


  • Increased number of weaned piglets with approx. 3 per sow per year
  • Increase in piglet weight by weaning up to 1.2 kg
  • Medicine consumption reduced by 50%
  • No loss of amino acids
  • Return on investment: 1-1.5 years

Liquid feeding systems

  • Central piping with section pipes without return
  • Central piping with section pipes with return
  • Ad-libitum feeding for sows and weaners

Components for liquid feeding

  • Component inlet and CCM
  • Microdosing system
  • Feed valves
  • Twin-spin pipe
  • Stone trap
  • Pumps


Controller for liquid feeding

  • Full automation of feed mixes and feed distribution
  • Feed programs for the entire growth period (up to 99 programs)
  • The system mixes and transports feed according to the selected recipes
  • Can be adjusted at sectional and valve leve
  • FunkiNet monitors the mixing process, distributes feed and provides analysis of the processes and results