Liquid feeding system for pigs

Feed Manager

The FEED MANAGER automatically adjusts the amount of feed, depending on how much time the pigs spend on eating. 

Liquid feeding in long trough

Liquid feeding in long troughs ensures you fast and accurate feeding with no feed residues.

Ad-libitum feeding

Ad-libitum feeding is automatic feeding according to the pigs eating behavior, that leverages the pigs' growth potential optimal.

Residual-free feeding

Residual free liquid feeding ensures that the pigs always get fresh feed. It allows you to reduce feed consumption and increase pigs' weight gain.

Liquid feeding equipment

Liquid feeding equipment is represented by the unique turbine mixer, that can start even if the feed is sediment.

Liquid feeding valve

Our unique liquid feeding valve ensures optimal hygiene and no feed residues. It is flexible and can be rotated in different directions.

FunkiNet Master Control

FunkiNet Master Control is a software to control liquid feeding in your stall. It gives you full traceability and overview of components, mixtures and nutrients.

Control possibilities

With the FunkiNet controller you get great possibility to control liquid feeding in your stall. You get user-friendly interface and possibility to regulate data with your tablet.

Benefits by liquid feeding

  • Precise mixing of feed

  • Better health and reduction of salmonella risk

  • Reduced level of dust and good working environment

  • Reduces the feed costs

  • Possibility for cheaper alternative feed products

  • Automatic control of milling plant
  • Saves 20 kg feed per pig by controlled feeding

  • Improved lean meat percent

  • Full-automatic feeding

  • Possibility for remote monitoring

  • Good overview of the pigs while feeding