Stainless steel troughs

Stainless steel troughs from ACO FUNKI are equally well-suited for dry feeding as well as for liquid feeding in all sections.


Troughs for sows, weaners, finishers and Wean-to-Finish

Trough for sows, weaners and finishers
  • Everlasting 1 mm stainless steel
  • Minimum feed waste: inverted edges
  • Hygiene and animal welfare: the edges are rolled on the outside, so the surface is smooth on the inside
  • Minimum risk of accumulation of feed remains and injuries to the animals
  • Flexibility: individually adapted length from 60 to 590 cm
  • Simple assembly: easy handling, as the troughs are lighter than concrete
  • Easy to clean: the troughs are mounted above the floor, allowing washing down underneath them



Troughs for liquid feeding wall INN-O-WALL

Troughs for INN-O-WALL
  • INN-O-WALL liquid feeding wall is delivered with a strong stainless steel trough for all pig sizes. The trough is designed to prevent feed waste and it is easy and quick to mount.
  • The bended and closed edges ensure maximum hygiene. 
  • For piglets the liquid feeding wall can also be delivered as ad libitum with stainless steel throughs and head separations, which reduce agressionss and allow more eating time and thereby more pigs per eating place. 



Sow trough deep drawn

Sow trough
  • Durable and hygienic: heavy bend and closed edges, which can withstand even very heavy activation  
  • No weldings, which can cause leaks
  • No blind corners, where feed remains and bacteria could accumulate
  • No sharp edges which could cause injuries on sow and piglets
  • Volume: 21 l
  • Weight: 3,6 kg



BioLine trough with head / shoulder division

BioLine trough
  • With head / shoulder division
    • For partitions and wall mounting
    • 3-8 feeding units per pen
    • From 4 to 7 pigs per feeding spot
    • For ad libitum feeding
    • 1.5 mm strong stainless trough
    • Length 75 - 200 cm