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Flex auger
For all types of dry feed

Flex Auger is a transport system for delivering feed from a silo to a barn and for feed transportation inside the barn.
The system is strong and reliable due to the stainless steel material and special construction.

With Funki Flex Auger you can transport from 970 kg (Ø75) and up to 1850 kg (Ø90) feed per hour.

You can choose between single and double. Both options are available with either 75 mm or 90 mm.

The standard funnel has two outcomes, but the special solutions can have up to four outcomes.

Flex Auger helps to keep trucks away from the houses, thus improving biosecurity on your farm.

Ø75970 kg
Ø901850 kg

* The capacity can vary depeding on the length, amount of bends and feed type.


  • Max length 120 m + Connection system
  • Can be placed in the corners
  • Switch-off contact in case of overload
  • 1,5 kW motor | IP66 approved (waterproof)
  • Cross point can be placed to make a sharp 900 corner
  • Adjustable lenghts
  • Lots of design options