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10% lower feed consumption with FUNKI LIQMIX mixing tank
Liquid Feeding system for pig farming

ACO FUNKI offers residual-free liquid feeding system of a high quality. Advanced technology ensures an efficient investment. The main benefits of liquid feeding are fresh feed and good overview. Similarly, it is possible to use by-products from the food industry, as well as to manage feed allocation at the end of the pigs growth period.

The liquid feeding is especially cost effective for finishers, because feed costs increase significantly. The liquid feed is easy for pigs to consumpt - especially for piglets. Good feed intake is a prerequisite for growth accelerating, so that the pigs reach slaughter weight in less time.

Benefits and results of liquid feeding:

  • Higher feed intake and growth
  • Lactic acid bacteria improve the gastrointestinal health
  • Lower feed expenses
  • Automatic feed allocation control
  • Reduced risk of salmonella, and lower incidence of coli bacteria
  • Improved feed conversion ratio - savings equivalent to 20 kg of feed per finisher
  • Feed consumption up to 10% lower
  • An increase in daily growth of up to 6%
  • Achieve slaughter weight in less time

High level of hygiene with Funki LiqMix:

1. Acid evaporator
Effective bacterial control with acid. Ensures high hygiene in the liquid feeding tank.

2. UV light
Prevents bacterial and fungal growth. Works optimally with well-functioning high-pressure systems.

3. High pressure cleaner
Rotary nozzle head that cleanes the inside of the tank with high pressure water.

4. "Clean Feed Intake"
Self-cleaning component inlet for the wet feeding tank; with close shutter.

Comparison of dry vs. liquid feeding in a pig farm:

DescriptionDry feeding ad-libLiquid feedingDifference per pig
Per day30-110 kg
Daily growth, g949959+10 g1 kg
Feed conversion ratio, kg feed/kg gain2,752,580,17 kg13,6 kg
Meat percentage60,660,9 +0,3%
Saved feed cost per pig Up to 5,5 EUR/pig

* Source: Note no. 1073, Danish Pig Research Center. The data are for home mixed flour feed.

Funki mixing tank capacities: